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Letter from the publisher, issue 5

Winning Magazine's publisher John Winning on the relaunch of the print publication, and his desire to create lasting positive change.

Impact. It’s safe to say we’ve all been impacted by the events of the past two years. But what now?

John Winning, Publisher of Winning Magazine
John Winning

While the pace of everyday life has returned to normal and time remains a luxury, creating memorable experiences in and outside of our homes has become increasingly important. I personally feel a greater desire to have a positive effect on the people and communities

around me, and the planet at large.

I am delighted to share Winning magazine’s return and for this relaunch issue to provide inspiration about who and what is impacting our lives and the moments we make for ourselves. Our cover image has been created by the talented artist and furniture designer Sarah Ellen, whose environmentally conscious designs are made in Australia.

We also feature the rising Hollywood star Austin Butler, the movie greats Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderas, and an athlete who is challenging ideas of what disability means. We explore the new social codes, houses that make an impact both architecturally and environmentally, and the latest trends in food, fashion, design, motoring and travel.

As we rediscover the freedom to move around and connect with others, I hope this issue inspires you to take on new adventures and make your own positive impact, big or small.


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