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life. elevated.

This magazine celebrates inspired living, both in your home and on your adventures. From a young age I was taught by my parents that working hard is a foundation for life not because it will afford you things, but because it makes you appreciate things.


So what is luxury today? Like many of you, for me time outside my professional life is precious. So when I do have time to pursue experiences, I want to know the where, what and how to spend it in a way that will elevate, evolve and challenge me.


Winning, led by our Editor Katarina Kroslakova, who is an absolute authority on curating luxury experiences, aims to inspire you to create remarkable moments, whether that’s reimagining the ritual of breakfast, creating entertaining memories outdoors, to knowing where to take your sailing adventure in the Mediterranean.


Each issue will showcase novel home and life experiences to awaken all of your senses. Because for me, luxury is life’s pursuit to make the everyday exceptional, exhilarating and timeless. 

John Winning

From the editor

Winning magazine celebrates all aspects of inspired living and inspires readers to create memorable experiences in and out of the home. Luxury these days is not only about possessions and treasures - it’s also about feelings, memories and attitude.

Winning is for women and men with an appreciation of quality lifestyle and design, in and out of the home. It celebrates craftsmanship, design, and exclusivity while respecting heritage, tradition and the stories that matter to fully embody values of modern luxury.


Each issue covers news and features centered on the home, food, wine, travel, fashion, motoring, technology, health and wellness, and much more.

The magazine redefines reporting on luxury. Sure, it’s informative, entertaining, and in-depth but it’s also surprising, unconventional and addictive. We deliver intelligent content but do it differently.


For us, style and substance go hand in hand with humor and charisma. You can read about minimal intervention wines as well as V8 Ferraris. You can find out which is Australia’s top oyster and see if it’s possible to fake charisma. It’s the mix of content which sets us apart.

Katarina Kroslakova

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