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From Venice, With Love

In the striking Clitemnestra floor lamp by Carcino Design, Venetian glass techniques collide with the highest quality raw materials. Handcrafted in a glossy green Bassano del Grappa marble paired with a Venetian opal-glass bulb, production of this made-to-order piece is limited to only 50 worldwide. The creation of the lamp represents a journey: from the mountainous terrain where the blocks of marble are sourced to the lagoon that forms the backdrop to the traditional seat of glass blowing. POA.

Guiding Light

More than a muse, the artist and sculptor Dame Barbara Hepworth inspires both the aesthetic and name of this smooth, curvaceous wall light. Designed by CTO Lighting, the Hepworth’s elongated silhouette and subtly embedded central line pay tribute to the artist’s signature contoured, enigmatic carvings. Install one, or a duo, and bathe any room or interior space in soft, warm light. $3,680.

For All Seasons

The Australian furniture design experts at Jardan have unveiled their new collection: Colourscapes — The Alfresco Edition. Designed to elevate open-air spaces, the range celebrates the vibrant colour and organic forms of the great outdoors, brought to life in a suite of table and chair sets. Channelling familiar silhouettes, each piece has been redesigned for outdoor environments and sealed with weatherproof powder coating. From $770.

Crystal Vision

Saint Laurent’s Rive Droite capsules have long been go-tos for interior styling, and this engraved crystal vase (part of Baccarat’s Louxor collection) fuels that obsession. Inspired by the architecture of Ancient Egypt, the Thomas Bastide-created vessel is made from 100 per cent crystal and promises to elevate any bouquet into a piece of art. $1,655.

Soft Landing

With a degree in architecture and a passion for travel, the designer Giulio Brambilla creates interior furnishings that appeal to Neoclassical, Art Deco and Midcentury design sensibilities. The Curve Rug III, woven from New Zealand wool and bamboo silk, feels luxurious underfoot and creates a distinctive visual impact in any room. Courtesy of two layers of hand tufting, the rug’s curved graphic emerges like a three-dimensional maze. $7,091.

Rest Easy

Drawing inspiration from the work of the Italian architect Carlo Scarpa, the French architect and designer Charlotte Perriand and the Austrian architect and artist Josef Frank, De La Espada’s Twenty-Five Bed makes use of junco, a reed used in Portugal and other countries to make baskets and handbags. After building the wooden headboard frame, the junco is woven along with Danish paper cord to create a platform stylish enough for dreaming. $16,260.

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